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Telephone: 0116 260 5040

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Telephone: 0116 260 5040

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Storage Facilities

In today’s increasingly competitive markets, many organisations in the UK are finding they need to be more flexible when responding to customers’ changing demands for their storage and distribution of goods. One of the key ways of achieving this level of flexibility is by successfully enhancing the logistical and distribution side of your business, working with you to ensure that what we offer gives you exactly what you need.

A benefit of our dedicated service is that we are one of the few warehousing specialists in the midlands that are capable of offering comprehensive storage and distribution services, ranging from contract storage of confidential documents, through to computerised stock control and the provision and repacking of containers.


These storage facilities boast a capacity of over 75,000 square feet of CCTV monitored warehousing, with our computerised stock control keeping a check on products at all times. We are ideal for storing a range of items such as paper or printed goods, household products, machine or car parts, and Point of Sale display goods – in fact there are very few items that we haven’t stored over the years.

Goods can be stored by the pallet, by the square foot, or simply for an unlimited length of time. PET’s contract warehousing can be tailored to individual requirements. Documents can be kept securely and archived if required.

Receipt, handling and dispatch details are kept, monitoring what goods come in and out. We can provide storage for removal containers and shipping of goods, both on a short or long-term basis. These containers can be offloaded and repacked according to requirements.

PET’s ‘Picking and Packing’ approach enables you to not only store your goods at our premises, but we will also pack, re-label or clean them for you before shipping them out to your customers.

“…helping us to ensure we continue to meet the exacting demands of our UK customers.”